Concrete Stratum Productions
[Dir. WHITEHALL + BRUCKE, 2015, 19:41 mins, b/w]

Tears of the Victor’ portrays a black tale of emotional ruin between a Husband and Wife, set amidst their collapsing relationship.

Adapted from familiar tropes to explore the darker side of love, this short film presents a sinister homage to Richard Condie’s 1985 animated classic: ‘The Big Snit’. But here, external chaos is absent - only conjugal conflict exists, staged within the theatre of contempt.

Produced and created by artist collaborators WHITEHALL + BRUCKE, their first short film borrows from a host of groundbreaking cinematic traditions. Shot on 16mm and 4k, it juxtaposes the rich texture of analogue and the taut austerity of digital.

Their short posits itself within the larger canon of Expressionist, noir-esque storytelling, thrusting the femme fatale and a hapless antagonist into a pivotal battle of attrition.